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MIPSE invited talk: "Osmotic Pressure on Cell Membranes in a Saline Interacting with Weakly Ionized Plasma", Dr. Mikhail Schneider

nschopra | March 3, 2021

For a link to the slides and a recording of the talk, please visit https://mipse.umich.edu/ltp_seminars.php ... Read more >>

Plasma and pandemics

nschopra | March 3, 2021

PPPL's Sophia Gershman discusses her research at the March 6 Science on Saturday. For more information, please visit: https://research.princeton.edu/events/science-saturday-plasma-science-response-covid-19-pandemic-0 ... Read more >>

Announcement of the 2021 Online LTP Seminar Series

benjadol | January 22, 2021

The 2021 Online Seminar Series will feature bi-weekly talks by outstanding members of the LTP field. It was founded by Professor Mounir Laroussi of Old Dominion University to maintain exchange of knowledge among the LTP community despite the cancellations of conferences and symposia caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. All talks are to be held on ... Read more >>

Happy New Year from PCRF!

benjadol | January 1, 2021

On behalf of Dr. Yevgeny Raitses and all at the Princeton Collaborative Low Temperature Plasma Research Facility, the PCRF would like to wish you and your families a happy New Year in 2021. ... Read more >>

Open for the 2nd Solicitation of Collaborative Research Proposals for 2021

benjadol | October 9, 2020

The Princeton Collaborative Low Temperature Plasma Research Facility will soon be open for its second round of solicitations for collaborative research proposals from the scientific community. The schedule for this year's call is: Call for proposals opens: November 2nd, 2020 Call for proposals closes: December 11th, 2020 External Review: ~1 month Downselect: January 22nd, 2021 ... Read more >>

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