Collaborative User Projects

This page lists PCRF collaborative research projects from annual solicitations in FY20 - FY23.

  1. Danil Dobrynin, Drexel Univ., Rapid: “Measurements of OH Radical Concentrations in Uniform and Non-uniform Nanosecond-pulsed Atmospheric Air Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma”, runtime in FY20
  2. Alexandros Gerakis, Texas A&M Univ., “Development of Theory and Experimental Operational Framework for Coherent Thomson Scattering”, runtime in FY20
  3. Debbie Levin, Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, “Understanding the Role of Electrostatic Solitary Waves in Beam Neutralization”, runtime in FY20       
  4. Scott Walton, Naval Research Laboratory, “Probing Metastable Species in Electron Beam Generated Plasmas”, runtime in FY20/21
  5. Bruce Locke, Florida State Univ., “Time Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy of Nanosecond Pulsed Discharges in a Gas-Liquid Water Film Reactor”, runtime in FY20
  6. Stein van Eden, ASML, Rapid: “Measuring the Secondary Electron Yield of a Dielectric Surface”, runtime in FY20
  7. Kai-Mei Fu, Univ. of Washington, Rapid: “Cold-plasma Hydrogen Surface Passivation of Diamond for Charge State Control in Quantum Defects”, runtime in FY20
  8. Tiernan Casey, Sandia National Laboratories, “Analysis of H Ion Plasma Chemical Kinetics Models Using Global Sensitivity Analysis”, runtime in FY20
  9. Sergey Macheret, Purdue Univ., “Kinetic Modeling of Capacitively Coupled Macro- and Microplasmas at Microwave Frequencies”, runtime in FY20
  10. Surabhi Jaiswal, Auburn Univ., “Investigation of the Size of Growing Nanoparticles in Ar/C2H2 Plasma Using Laser Induced Incandescence”, runtime in FY20 (cancelled, PI moved to a different university)
  11. Xuewei Zhang, Texas A&M Univ.-Kingsville, “Sources of Primary Electrons in Nanosecond Pulsed Breakdown in Water”, runtime in FY20
  12. Andrey Starikovskiy, Princeton Univ., “FS Laser Control for High-Voltage NS Discharges”, runtime in FY20
  13.  Alexander Fridman, Drexel University, “Theory and Modeling of Nanocrystalline-Amorphous Transition in Liquids”, runtime in FY20
  14. Luca Maddalena, Univ. of Texas at Arlington, “Non-intrusive Measurements Using Femtosecond Laser in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet”, runtime in FY20
  15. Katharina Stapelmann, North Carolina State Univ., “Plasma Generated Atomic Oxygen Density Measurements in Liquid using TALIF”, runtime in FY20
  16. Sergey Leonov, Univ. of Notre Dame, “Waves of Electric Charge Generated by Pulse Corona of Alternating Polarity”, runtime in FY20/21
  17. Sam Cohen, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Rapid: “Application of fs TALIF for Neutral Atom Density Measurements in a Linear, Quasi-steady-state Plasma Device”, runtime in FY20
  18. Maria Carreon, North Dakota School of Mines, “Understanding the Cold Plasma Synthesis of Ammonia with Model Metal Catalysts Through Plasma Diagnostics”, runtime in FY20
  19. Gal Haspel, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rapid: “Surface Sterilization of Medical Equipment with Low Temperature Plasma”, runtime in FY20
  20. Elijah Thimsen, Washington Univ. in Saint Louis, “Correlation of Plasma Parameters to Reduction Potential at the Plasma-Water Interface”, runtime in FY20
  21. Danil Dobrynin, Drexel Univ., “Measurements of OH Radical Concentrations in Uniform and Non-uniform Nanosecond-pulsed Atmospheric Air Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma”, runtime in FY20/21
  22. Mark Cappelli, Stanford Univ., “Ion Velocity Measurements in the Negative Sheath of a Highly Obstructed Magnetron Microdischarge”, runtime in FY21/FY22
  23. Kai-Mei Fu, Univ. of Washington, “Cold Hydrogen Plasma Passivation for Quantum Defect Charge State Control”, runtime in FY21/22
  24. Benjamin Rubin, Veeco, “Measurements of Electron Energy Distributions of Ion Beam Neutralizers”, runtime in FY21
  25. Angela Capece, The College of New Jersey, “Understanding Nanoparticle Synthesis in Plasma-Liquid Systems”, runtime in FY21/22 (moved to FY23)
  26. Michael Campanell, LLNL, “Demonstrating the Effects of Trapped Ions on Thermionic Cathode Sheath”, runtime in FY22/23
  27. Probir Roy, Los Alamos National Laboratory, “Investigation of Air Plasma for High Energy Beam Propagation in Air Using Plasma Codes to Validate Experimental Results”, runtime in FY21
  28. Thomas Schenkel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, “Simulations of Hydrogen Plasma Discharges”, runtime in FY21
  29. Peter Yushmanov, TAE Technologies               , “PIC Simulation of Near Electrode Plasmas With Self-Consistent Gas Recycling from the Wall”, runtime in FY21
  30. Valerian Nemchinsky, Keiser University, “Anode and Near-anode Processes in the Ablating Carbon Arcs”, runtime in FY21 (cancelled: PI could not secure funding)
  31. Debbie Levin, Univ. of Illinois and Edgar Choueiri, Princeton Univ., “Benchmarking of High-Performance Low-temperature Plasma Particle-in-cell Codes”, runtime in FY22 (moved to FY23)
  32. Ken Hara, Stanford Univ., “Modeling of Liquid Surface Instabilities Interacting With Partially Ionized Plasmas”, runtime in FY21
  33. Joshua Coleman, Los Alamos National Laboratory, “Neutralized Electron Beam Transport and Instability Studies”, runtime in FY21 (postponed)
  34. Albina Tropina, Texas A&M Univ., “Control of the Fuel Droplets Heating and Evaporation by the Laser Pulse”, runtime in FY21
  35. Sergey Gimelshein, Particle Matter Inc., “Plasma-Assisted Post-Ionization of the Laser-Ablated Plumes” runtime in FY21/22
  36. Sam Cohen, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, “Non-invasive Neutral Atom Density Measurements in a Linear, Quasi-steady-state Plasma Device”, runtime in FY21
  37. Carmen Guerra-Garcia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Electric Fields Inside Streamer Corona and Self-pulsating Mode Under DC Voltage”, runtime in FY21
  38. K. A. Ahmed, Univ. of Central Florida, “Translational and Vibrational Temperature Evolution in Fuel/air Flows as a Function of Pulse Frequency Using ns Discharges”, runtime in FY21
  39. Lorenzo Mangolini, Univ. of California, Riverside, “Characterization of Low-temperature Dusty Plasma”, runtime in FY21/22 (moved to FY23)
  40. Malcolm Carroll, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, “Two-level Systems and Their Dependence on Interface State Densities Created by Atomic Hydrogen Exposure”, runtime in FY21/22 (Canceled: PI moved to a different organization)
  41. Jonathan S. Owen, Columbia Univ. and Alastair Stacey, RMIT (Australia), “Feasibility Study of Volumetric Mass Production of Diamond Nanocrystals in Plasma”, runtime in FY22 (postponed)
  42. Zhili Zhang  Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville, “Ultrafast Measurements of Atomic Species in Laser-induced Plasmas using Two-photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence”, runtime in FY21/22
  43. Gal Haspel, New Jersey Institute of Technology, “Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Promoting Neural Regeneration”, runtime in FY21
  44. Katharina Stapelmann, North Carolina State Univ., “Plasma-Bubble Imaging and Spectroscopy”, runtime in FY21
  45. Carles Corbella, The George Washington Univ., “In Situ IR Spectroscopy of a Morphing Plasma Jet at Atmospheric Pressure”, runtime in FY21/22
  46. John Foster, Univ. of Michigan, “Measurement of Decomposition Products from the Interaction of an Atmospheric Pressure Nonthermal Plasma and a Polymer Substrate”, runtime in FY21/22
  47. Bruce Locke, Florida State Univ., “Time Resolved Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Nanosecond Pulsed Discharges in a Gas-Liquid Water Film Reactor”, runtime in FY21/22
  48. Mohan Sankaran, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, “Characterization of Gas-phase Nitrogen Chemistry at a Plasma-water Interface”, runtime in FY21/22 (moved to FY23)
  49. Selma Mededovic Thagard, Clarkson Univ., “Coupling of Plasma Diagnostics with Bulk Liquid Chemistry for Understanding of Solvation at Plasma-water Interface”, runtime in FY21
  50. Maksim Mezhericher, Princeton Univ., “Plasma-Activated Aerosols of Submicron Droplets for Healthcare and Biomedical Application”, runtime in FY21
  51. Rebecca Anthony and Sergey Baryshev, Michigan State Univ., “Laser-induced Fluorescence and Incandescence for Diagnostics of Plasma-Assisted Synthesis of Diamond Nanocrystals”, runtime in FY21/22
  52. Andrei Smolyakov, Univ. of Saskatchewan (Canada) and J-P. Boeuf, CNRS LAPLACE, “The ExB Plasma Reference Cell for Physics Studies and Codes Validation”, runtime in FY22/23
  53. Richard Wirz, UCLA, “Secondary Electron Emission from Volumetrically Complex Carbon Materials”, runtime in FY22
  54. John Foster, Univ. of Michigan, “Understanding Extraction Limits of Plasma Cathodes with Experiment and Simulation”, runtime in FY22
  55. June Young, Kim, Seoul National Univ. (Korea), “Kinetic Simulation of Narrow Gap Discharge”, runtime in FY22
  56. Alex Povitsky, Univ. of Akron, “Thermal Radiation Model in Rayleigh Regime for Ensemble of Nanoparticles in Gas and Plasma”, runtime in FY22/23
  57. Alexey Shashurin, Purdue Univ., “Exploring Anomalous Electron Decay in Nanosecond Repetitively Pulsed Discharges”, runtime in FY22/23
  58. Sean D. Knecht, Penn State Univ., “Spatially-resolved Electric Field Measurements During Plasma-Enhanced Catalysis of CO2 and H2 to Higher Hydrocarbons Across Supported-metal Catalysts”, runtime in FY22
  59. Vandana Miller, Drexel Univ., “To Investigate the Influence of Biological Substrates on Dielectric Barrier Discharge Composition”, runtime in FY22
  60. Maria Carreon, Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell, “Understanding Boundaries Between Regimes During the Plasma Synthesis of Ammonia on Mesoporous Oxide-based Catalysts Through Plasma Diagnostics”, runtime in FY22
  61. David Caron, Ahmed Diallo, and Bruce Koel, Princeton Univ., “Electron Dynamics in Plasma-Assisted Catalytic Reactions of Ammonia”, runtime in FY22
  62. Selma Mededovic Thagard, Clarkson University, "Investigating the changes of the plasma-liquid contact area to improve the treatment performance of gas-liquid electrical discharge plasma reactors", runtime in FY23
  63. Edward Hartsough," College of Medicine, Drexel University", "Non-thermal plasma as a neoadjuvant for melanoma treatment", runtime in FY23
  64. Thomas C. Underwood, University of Texas at Austin, "Plasma Driven Pathways to Life on the Early Earth", runtime in FY23
  65. Junhwi Bak, Texas A&M University, "Investigation of supersonic electrons in rotating plasma by laser Thomson scattering", runtime in FY23
  66. Kimberly Parker and Elijah Thimsen, Washington University in St. Louis, "Liquid ionic composition and plasma-phase species", runtime in FY23
  67. John Foster, University of Michigan, "Probing the relationship between the electron spatial distribution, negative ions and the appearance of self-organized surface plasmas attachments in atmospheric pressure plasma", runtime in FY23
  68. R. Mohan Sankaran and Davide Curreli , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , "Laser diagnostics of nitrogen fixation at a plasma-liquid interface", runtime in FY23
  69. Thomas Schenkel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, "Plasma based hydrogen doping of semiconductors for color center qubit optimization", runtime in FY23
  70. Sedina Tsikata, Georgia Institute of Technology, "Investigation of complex mode formation in a planar magnetron", runtime in FY23
  71. Aditi Roy, Siemens Technology USA, "In situ Detection of Plasma Induced Surface Interaction based on Deep Learning based Visual Diagnostics", runtime in FY23
  72. Andrey Starikovskiy, Princeton University, "Photoionization mechanism of branching of streamer discharge in air", runtime in FY23
  73. Peter J. Bruggeman, University of Minnesota, "TaLIF measurements of sodium vapor in plasmas in contact with saline solutions", runtime in FY23
  74. Stephan Reuter and Denis Seletskiy, Polytechnique Montreal (Canada), "Highly sensitive small scale electric field detection in turbulent filamentary plasmas", runtime in FY23
  75. Azer Yalin, Colorado State University, "Spontaneous Raman Scattering and Optical Emission Spectroscopy Study of Dual-Pulse Laser Induced Plasma with Pre-Ionization", runtime in FY23
  76. Marien Simeni, University of Minnesota, "Development of Theory for Tin Microspheres-based 13.5 nm Soft X-ray Laser for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography", runtime in FY23
  77. Vandana Miller, Drexel University, "To investigate the influence of ionic changes produced in cell culture medium by dielectric barrier discharge on cell morphology and membrane permittivity", runtime in FY23
  78. Albina Tropina, Texas A&M University, "Influence of light ellipticity on dynamics of the laser induced plasma", runtime in FY23
  79. Ali Mesbah, University of California, Berkeley, "Investigating kinetic mechanisms of soot formation in plasma pyrolysis of methane via active learning", runtime in FY23
  80. Jonathan S. Owen and Alastair Stacey, Columbia University and RMIT (Australia), "Modeling of nirim plasma reactor for the volumetric mass production of diamond nanocrystals", runtime in FY23
  81. Uwe Kortshagen and Julian Held, University of Minnesota, "New model for the ion collection by cylindrical probes over a wide range of collisionality", runtime in FY23
  82. Pierre-Yves Taunay, United States Naval Academy, "Kinetic simulations of hollow cathode internal and plume plasmas", runtime in FY23