New funding for investigation of dust charging in plasma

PCRF researchers (Yevgeny Raitses , Shurik Yatom, & Michael Shneyder) were recently awarded with DOE FES funding to study the charging of particles in dusty plasmas ($330K per year for three years). The experimental part of the proposal is centered on the development of an in-situ technique for measuring particle charge in a low temperature […]

PCRF User Meeting 2021

The 1st PCRF User Meeting 2021 was recently held August 26-27. Please see the links below to see an overview of the collaborations that took place during FY2021! Links: Meeting Intro Slides PCRF Report Slides

Call for proposals for FY2022 will be soon!

Useful links PCRF User Meeting Introduction PCRF User Meeting Report Call For Proposals The Princeton Collaborative Low Temperature Plasma Research Facility (PCRF) will soon be open for its third round of solicitations for collaborative research proposals from the scientific community. The schedule for this year's call is: Call for proposals opens: October 12th, 2021 […]